Planning, 'Q' Song, Logo, Giant Quilt and St. Elizabeth Painting

The Quinquennial theme inspired Cindy Wesley, SFO, (above) of Gualala, CA, to make a huge quilt sporting the Quinquennial logo. The quilt hung ceiling-to-floor in the main ballroom during the entire Congress. It was a surprise gift, which not only inspired attendees, as hundreds of photographs were snapped in front of the quilt, but also allowed the Q Planning Committee to raise money in a silent auction.

Several Secular Franciscans chipped in to win the quilt with a bid of $1,050. The winning bidders announced that they would offer the use of the quilt to other Secular Franciscans for their gatherings over the next five years at no cost. Susan Coyle, SFO, Kathleen Fletcher, SFO, and Mary Rose Petrizzo, SFO, all of St. Catharine Drexel Region, each contributed $250 toward the bid. Philip Heery, SFO, who is not in their region, also donated $250 toward the winning bid, and one other person gave $50.

Kathleen Fletcher reports that the quilt, when not traveling, will be stored in Ellicott City, MD, at the Shrine of St. Anthony of Padua. Fr. Bart Karwacki, OFM Conv., will accept any donations toward defraying the cost of transporting the quilt, she noted.

"The quilt will travel along with a photo album," Kathleen added. If someone is interested in the quilt but cannot display it due to its size, he or she will be offered the photo album to share with his or her fraternity.
Any questions about the quilt may be sent via email to Kathleen Fletcher.

Advance publicity for the Quinquennial Congress' Multicultural Theme had a stimulating effect during last fall's National Fraternity gathering and chapter of elections.

It was there that Saint Clare Regional Minister Jan Parker, SFO, and newly elected National Councilor Clare McCluggage, SFO, MD, were inspired to compose a theme song for the Q. In a span of 24 hours, they jotted down notes and chords to music rising within, and scribbled the lyrics, occasionally checking with Deacon Tom Bello, SFO, on their theological correctness. By the end of the gathering, they had a theme song, "One God of Us All."

After the National Gathering and prior to the Q, Clare and Jan managed to get together in a studio to record the song for use prior to the Congress. That version is available in the column at right.


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One God of Us All

the Q theme song composed by Jan Parker, SFO, (below with guitar) and Clare McCluggage, SFO (below singing). This version was recorded prior to the Quinquennial Congresss.

A very talented contribution to the 17th Quinquennial Congress was the design of the multicultural-themed Q logo by Jaime Bernardo, SFO, a member of NAFRA's Multicultural Committee. The final version (above) graced the covers of the Congress Program Book.

The Quinquennial Planning Committee, chaired by John Sanborn, SFO, received a rousing ovation for a "job well done." Pictured at left are, from left: Jaime Bernardo, SFO; Elizabeth Allen, SFO; Bro. Bob Herrick, OFM Cap.; Sonia Bernardo, SFO; John Sanborn, SFO; Carol Gentile, SFO; Ann Mulqueen, SFO; Mary Lou Kreider, SFO, and Rose Mary Menetrey, SFO.

Another tapistry decorating the ballroom during the Quinquennial was a painting of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, patronness of the Secular Franciscan Order, whose 8th Centenary is being celebrated by Secular Franciscans worldwide. The painting was made by Holy Trinity Regional Minister Rose Mary Menetrey, SFO (at right)