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Resources for Fraternities

A Secular Franciscan Penitential Service for Lent
is based on a "Sample Penitential Service" found in the official "Rite of Penance." Tim Suspanic, SFO, "Franciscanized" the prayers to make them a little more personal. The responsorial psalm is from The Jerusalem Bible, the same version used in the official SFO Ritual.   Word  PDF

SFO Consecration to the Hearts
is a "Franciscanized" version of a Consecration to the Sacred Heart and Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which Tim Suspanic, SFO, found on the internet. “Our fraternity does this every June since both feasts occur in that month.”   Word  PDF

Formatted Prayer of the Faithful for SFO Occasions
includes prayers for rite of admission, profession, renewal of profession, and 25th and 50th anniversaries. Since not everyone is comfortable with extemporaneous prayer, these prayers can be used either "as is" or as models.   Word  PDF

Opening and Closing Prayers for Fraternity Meetings
is right out of the SFO Ritual. “I printed out single pages to pass out at our fraternity meetings so people could just put it in their breviary,” says Tim Suspanic, SFO. “It wasn't convenient to pass out the Ritual at every meeting, so this was done just for convenience.”   Word  PDF

Traditional Months and Days Dedicated to
is not a liturgical thing per se, but something that Tim Suspanic, SFO, found on the internet “that might be handy for a fraternity's Newsletter, ongoing formation, etc. for something to focus on in the upcoming month.”  
Word  PDF

 Installation of a Spiritual Assistant
comes from the Conference of National Spiritual Assistants.  Word  PDF